Her Debut Novel

Fractured is the adult sci-fi romance about a geneticist's journey to uncover the truth of who she is after an enigmatic man is thrust into her life as she is on the brink of her greatest discovery.

A marketing and communications professional, Sophia Matthews Partlow is a story teller by nature. Inspired by her little brother's foray into self-help authorship, she decided to flesh out the stories that she'd been harboring for some time.

About Sophia

Sophia is amenable to working with the right literary agent to find the best publishing home for these works.  Fractured is a blockbuster sci-fi series with black protagonists that takes on pertinent topics such as racial prejudice, sexual harassment, and gene editing with delicate frankness.

Literary Agents

A slow burn that has the same dynastic potential as the Outlander series, but with a deeper relatability for the modern reader.

- Hope Fullie

You will receive the first ten chapters of book one, Fractured: Coalescence, for FREE when you sign up for updates.  Your feedback is so important and any observations and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

Fractured: Coalescence

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